Dog Training – The best Dog Tips on Housebreaking your Dog

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You are probably thinking about dog training because you just got that new puppy. If you are wondering where can you find information on training your dog then look no further than this article. If this is your situation then you need not worry as there are tons of information on the internet waiting to be found. The information that is available will give you everything you need to know – everything from training that new born puppy to the training of a full grown dog. Of course for that new born puppy this is music to your ears.

Dog training Myths and Truths

One of the most common misconceptions about dog training is that you can effectively train your puppy by “rubbing their noses in it” when they make a mess in order to make them house broken.

Truth – this method has never and will never really be an effective method of training your dog. The only thing that you are really doing to your little best friend is scaring them and making them feel humiliated. In fact doing this can actually make the matter much worse than it already is.

If you really want to housebreak your little best friend then follow this tried and true dog training tip.

Dog Training Tips to Use

Pick an area in your house and designate that as the official spot for the sole purpose of housebreaking your dog. Have you ever heard of the saying “practice becomes perfect”? Your task therefore is simple – take your puppy to this one spot as often as possible. Over time your dog will begin to realize that this is the spot that he/she can do his “business”. Once successful you need to praise them. Additionally when they begin to consistently become successful at using the designated area be sure to give them a treat.

By now you are probably itching to get started on your newly found dog training tip however it doesn’t stop there. Another way to reinforce that the designated area is the one that your puppy should use is by the use of keywords. Whenever you take your dog to the right area be sure to use a keyword. Over time your loved one will begin to make the connection between the keyword and your expectations.

Final Words about Dog Training

Therefore the next time that your puppy has an accident do not sweat it; simply take them to the designated area and repeat the keyword. The whole point to this experience and dog training is to be patient with your puppy. Success cannot be had overnight as lasting results will take time. However, the wait will be well worth it for both you and your dog.


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