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Does it seems that each time that you go to the supermarket/grocery store you are spending more and more for less and less and not? Do you need some tips on saving money? Does it seem like each time you go the price of your favorite items goes up by a just a little bit more? From my point of view there are two kinds of families now: first there are those that can hardly afford to feed their families while others are unmoved by the economic recession and continue to live and shop like they used to. The second type of family: even in these hard times are still able to comfortably afford to buy the basic necessities and a little extra. What’s their secret? Read on.

Pro Tips on saving money

Make a budget and stick to it.

Define before you go shopping how much money you are able to spend. It works best to calculate the minimum amount you can spend without compromising your nutrition while at the same time allowing you to buy a little something extra,

Make a grocery list and stick to it.

I cannot stress this enough. It is far too easy to get side tracked from your original plan when you do not have your plan in front of you. One of the best money saving tip is to prepare your budget is to shop at home first. What do I mean? Check your cupboards and pantry first; if you have enough of a particular item then quite likely you do not need to replenish that stock as yet. Right there you have saved on that item; additionally doing this will reduce wastage as (depending on the item) food will less likely be spoiled.

More Pro Tips on Saving Money

Use coupons and buy items on sale.

I tend to use this as a backup to my budget, and this also allows me the opportunity to buy that little extra. Every dollar saved adds-up.

Buy in bulk

One of the best tips on saving money is to buy in bulk, but, be smart about it. Generally items bought by the case or dozen always cost less than purchasing each item individually. However using this method one has to be careful as you may end up buying more than your family needs leading to wastage. Study the products that are heavily used and buy only those in bulk.

Use cash not credit

Adopt a cash only system as it is easier to loose track of items bought with the credit card. With cash what you spend is what you have and not a dollar more.

Final Tips on Saving Money

Remember to be realistic with your budget and try finding the stores that supply you with the items that you need at the cheapest prices. Make an event out of these tips on saving money and you will be surprised at the results.



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