Tips on How to Save Money- Cutting Your Entertainment and Gaming Expense

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Are you one of those persons that love to party while you save money? Or are you one of those that need to have the latest console or computer game. If this description fits you then read on to see how you can save money, minimize your budget while still having fun.

How to Save Money

Saving money by taking the party home

I must be mad right? Well not really/ going to the clubs or the bar can easily ruin your budget, especially if you love to drink. My suggestion is to have a little house party. A little music some drinks and friends will make it feel like you are in the club.

What you save

You will be saving the entry fee and a bundle on liquor as you can buy them in bulk and make your own.

Choose the time/days you go to the clubs

If you must party at the clubs or if your living arrangements does not allow for you to party at home then choose wisely. Each club will have their own promotions to draw the crowd. For example a club will have a ladies night (where females enter free) or you may see promotions like come before 10 p.m. and pay half the regular price. This is a great way to save money so be sure to look out for those deals and enjoy your night life for a little less.

The Gamer’s way to Save Money

Gamers – Buy used games to save money

This is by far the best tip for gamers. By doing this you are getting the game that you really want to play at about half the price of the regular price. Plus there is a myriad of stores for you to choose from in addition to online stores like eBay. Additionally if you are worried about the condition of the game, then rest assured that in most cases the games are in good condition.

Buy older titles

Personally I tend to wait a little till the title is no longer hot before I purchase that particular title. All you need for this to work is a little patience.

Look for free online games

It has become the trend for companies to offer free to play games and as a consumer that wants to save money you could really look into this idea. I admit sometimes they are not as cool as the paid ones, however they are free and if you are willing to live with less graphics then you are well on your way to saving some money.

Save Money by Going Back to Basics

Go back to basics.

My final tip in saving money can be considered extreme, but quite effective. All you need to do is dust off your old board games grab some friends and play. You will save on not only the entertainment bill but your electricity bill as well and not to mention saving money.

There you have it. All you need to do now is save money and GO PLAY.


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