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Hi there:

My name is Selena and I am a professional Freelance Writer. However, I was not always into freelancing as it was by chance that I landed into this business.

I first got introduced into freelancing in 2009 when when I was working at a government organization as a supervisor for the Summer Employment Department. One of the Summer employees that I supervised introduced me to one of the freelancing websites that she worked on. I had created a profile and left it as it is.

Later on that year my contract had ended and I was job hunting with no success. I then turned to the website that I was introduced to in order to stay afloat until I found a regular job. That website had a lot of potential. Given that I had already gained a degree in Management Studies I decided to try to land jobs as a Virtual Assistant.

After sending a lot of applications with no success I then turned to Freelance Writing. This proved to be it for me. In no time I had my first gig as a Ghostwriter. Of course at that time I had no idea what Ghostwriting was lol. After successfully completing that job and getting a great review I decided to continue along that path while still searching for a regular 9-5 job. After all I must have been a great writer to:

  1. Get a great review
  2. Get a repeat customer
I have since been doing Freelance Writing and during that time I have learned a number of different writing types and new skills. Earlier this year I accepted a 9-5 in order to pay my bills; however, I soon realized that my true passion was for writing. Some of my Hidden Talents includes:
  1. Writing Excellent Web Content
  2. Writing Unique 100% Original Articles
  3. Ghostwriting
  4. Writing SEO Friendly Articles
  5. Re-writing articles so that they are 100% Original and
  6. Amazon Product Reviews to name a few.

While working on that freelancing website I realized that I was competing with other writers that produced less than acceptable quality work. They were able to do this as they charged ridiculously low prices. I then made a promise to myself that:

“Only My Best Is Good Enough for you”.

Far too often I have heard of people complaining of writers turning in their projects late or producing poor quality work. I have therefore made a promise to myself to always deliver exceptional quality articles to my clients. It is this reason that I can proudly say that I take pride in my work, as I am a dedicated and committed individual. I will always provide you with the highest quality articles because I love to see my clients satisfied. I love to write and I love to conduct research and these are the skills that I believe that every Writer needs to have above all else.

I CARE about my clients and the work that I give to them. Perhaps I care so much because I spent over 10 years in Customer Service and because I understand what it is like to be a customer that is treated like crap. I will not treat YOU my client like crap. Therefore not only will I give you excellently written articles; I will also give you great customer service. I have been considered by my clients to be extremely hardworking and professional.

I do this because I believe in providing only the highest quality work is always evident in my articles. I live and work by the words.

I will write you articles that will drive traffic to your website, articles that will be engaging to your readers and write articles that will provide your readers with all the information that you want them to know.

So – Who am I? I am the best Freelance Writer that you can ever have.


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